using System;

public class Test
   public static void Main()
      string line = Console.ReadLine();
      string[] splitLines = line.Split(' ');

      double withdrawal = double.Parse(splitLines[0]);
      double balance = double.Parse(splitLines[1]);

      if(withdrawal % 5 == 0 && balance >= withdrawal + 0.5)
         double updatedBalance = balance - withdrawal - 0.5;

Here’s my solution to the ATM problem on CodeChef.  The user has to input a withdrawal amount and a balance amount on the same line(Why? IDK).  There is an ATM usage fee of $0.50 that must be added to the withdrawal.  The withdrawal of course cannot exceed the balance and must be a multiple of 5.  Simple may this problem be, I actually felt like I learned few things from doing it.

  1. Split() is a really nifty method for when you need to split strings.
  2. Format specifiers, in this case “F”, are really nifty for when you need to specify precision.
  3. Try not to get big-headed even when doing simple tasks.  Next thing you know, you’ll have a logical brain fart, get frustrated, and slip into an existential crisis.

Here’s the link to the problem.

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